Remembering your pet.

Urn Options

We’re here for you during this difficult time.

Choosing an Urn

Choosing the perfect memorial item for your pet’s remains is a very personal task. We have chosen a few of our favorite high-quality urn options for you to choose from.

Please note: These options are included for the price of individual cremation and the choice of urn and customization does not cost any extra.

Traditional Cedar Urn

This classic urn is a timeless way to preserve your loved one and keep their memory near. This urn is not intended to be opened routinely as there is no hinged lid. This urn can be customized with a nameplate or an engraving (additional cost of $20).

Hand-Carved Rosewood Urn

Enjoy the beauty and detail of this hand-carved piece that honors your pet’s cherished memory. This urn can be customized with a nameplate.

Serenity Urn

This is a lovely urn to display with a favorite memorial photo. You may add any photo you like by printing the image and adding once you receive your memorial items back. This urn can be customized with a nameplate.

Photo Sizes:
Small 8.1/4″ x 4.1/2″ x 5.3/4″
Large 8.1/4″ x 6″ x 5.3/4″
Urn size is automatically chosen.

Remembrance Urn

This urn has a classic design and a latch, giving you a way to hold treasured keepsakes and remember your pet. This urn can be customized with a nameplate or an engraving (additional cost of $20).

Decorative Metal Urn

(Blue or Tan)
Classically designed and handcrafted with clean lines and a speckled finish. This urn will last a lifetime and can hold your cherished loved one for years to come. This urn can be customized with an engraving.

Bio Remembrance Urn

Gently lay your pet to rest at one with nature. This biodegradable urn holds your pet’s cremated remains and is intended for burial. The heart shape is embedded with wildflower seeds that will become a lovely memorial. This urn cannot be customized with an engraving or nameplate.

Blue Scattering Tube

The Scatter Tube is an elegant way to spread your loved one’s ashes in a favorite place. The cremated remains are safely held inside the tube until you press the tab open. This item cannot be engraved.

Speciality Urns and Other Additional Memorial Items Can Be Found Here
– Pricing Varies by Product