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I can’t give enough thanks and praise to Don and his team of professionals at Serene Passages. When I realized it was time to put Queen, our 18-year-old cat down, I reached out to Don for help. While speaking with him I couldn’t hold back my emotions and burst into a full cry. Don was very comforting and understanding during that difficult time.

Also, our attending Veterinarian Dr. Nicole was extremely professional, comforting, and caring.

Having been through this painful ordeal 5 previous times in my life, I must say Serene Passages was the absolute best at handling everything. Also, their choice to use West Coast Pet Memorial for your pets’ final journey was second to none. No other pet crematorium has ever done such a beautiful job.

Thank you Serene Passages.

Darryl and Denise

Desert Hot Springs

You guys are a different kind of brave. Thank you for doing the hard thing that many cannot.
The H. Family and Pups

Escondido, CA

Dr. Stanclift was an angelic presence. She made our choice so much more comfortable for us and our family members. She talked us through everything and was so gentle and patient… Thank you!
Shoshanna R.

San Diego, CA

Yesterday was one of the toughest days of my life, but I was so grateful for Dr. Nicole Stanclift, who really made the best of a heart-wrenching situation. She kept me informed and updated on the process and gave me choices based on what I felt comfortable with. She has a wonderful energy that was comforting. I appreciate the genuine compassion and support from the doctor and the owner/staff.
Jeannine M.

Huntington Beach, CA

Dr. Nicole… put our minds at ease with this difficult decision & helped us through every step of the way, all while showing kindness and compassion to Chloe & ourselves. We cannot thank them enough.
Brenda N.

La Mesa, CA

When the time came for our beloved 15-year-old Willie to be euthanized, I called… It was on a Sunday, and Dr. Nicole was at our house within an hour and a half. She was so professional, patient, and very kind. It made the whole painful process a dignified and peaceful goodbye. We would not have done anything differently…thank you, Dr. Nicole.
Tessie W.

San Diego, CA

…we knew we had to euthanize our 13-year-old Labrador who was suffering from cancer. Dr. Nicole was able to see us at home in just a few hours. She was wonderful, and she made an extremely difficult moment in our lives much easier. She was so gentle and loving, and compassionate, allowing us to have our emotions and our moments with him before saying goodbye. She handled him with such care and love, even laying a beautiful blanket over him when he passed. She arranged for aftercare… really made the whole process as simple as possible. I don’t know what I thought this moment would be, and I knew it would be awful, but she made it so much easier… What a beautiful way to say goodbye to your pet.
Jennifer F.

San Diego, CA

Dr. Stanclift… was absolutely wonderful and was so gentle and caring. My heart is broken, and I’m devastated with my loss, but at least I know Maddie went to the rainbow bridge so peacefully and without any pain or suffering. Thank you again, Dr. Stanclift, for being so wonderful!
Pam C.

San Diego, CA

As difficult of a thing this was, Dr. Nicole Stanclift took the time to get to know about our sweet pup and even had him licking her. It was the saddest moment, but we can honestly say our dog left us in full dignity, and us with true heartfelt compassion.
Val W.

Temecula, CA

This was a day that I had been dreading for years, but Dr. Stanclift made the experience as good as it could have possibly been, and I’m forever grateful for this. She was great at explaining the whole process and made sure our dog and we were comfortable the entire time. It made a really hard experience a little bit easier, and I’m genuinely appreciative for that.
Chad C.

San Diego, CA

We had to make the heart-wrenching decision to say goodbye to our beloved Penny last month… we were previously not aware that home euthanasia was an option. It means so much to us that Penny was able to spend her last moments in the comfort of her own home. Dr. Stanclift was very compassionate throughout the process; she spoke to Penny in a soothing voice and comforted her with gentle petting. She gave us all the time we needed to say our goodbyes and expressed her sympathy for our grief. Her professionalism and care eased the stress we were experiencing, and we are forever grateful for her kindness. We cannot say “thank you” enough, and we highly recommend Dr. Stanclift…
Jenny N.

San Marcos, CA

Dr. Nicole Stanclift visited our home in early February when we had to say good-bye to our 13-year-old Rottie. Dr. Stanclift was so patient and showed so much kindness and compassion during such a difficult time. I felt that having her come to our home was a true blessing. She listened to our stories, explained the process clearly, and never made us feel rushed. I am so thankful… I don’t know how these amazing health care providers are able to do the job that they do, and it’s a true gift that they are able to offer.
Christine M.

San Diego, CA

Outstanding, caring, and thorough examination. Dr. Nicole Stanclift came to our home to do a complete evaluation of our aging dog. She was gentle and kind and put our dog at ease for something that is usually an anxiety-ridden nightmare for her. Within 2 days, we received a complete report that covered everything, including her diet, medications, and things to make her life easier. Thank you, Nicole… our baby means the world to us!
Dan R.

Vista, CA

Dr. Nicole was so wonderful throughout the whole process. It made something I dreaded a very peaceful, calm, and clear process. Was the best thing we could provide to our boy considering the circumstances.
Holly P.

Poway, CA