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We had our dog, George, for almost sixteen years and he was the perfect loving pet. In fact he loved everyone. At the end of his life he deserved the best we could give him. Serene Passages gave him that. Dr. Nicole was caring and loved on George for over a half hour. She examined him carefully and then left it to me to make the decision. I can’t express how peaceful the process was although sad for us. George had no anxiety at all, as it would have been if taken to a vet.

We had George cremated and returned to us, which is also a service Serene Passages offers if you want.

Serene Passages is staffed with the most loving people that realize these decisions are one of the hardest a pet owned has to make. I would never again take a pet to be euthanized at a veterinarian’s office.


Beaumont, CA

I would highly recommend Serene Passages to help you get through the difficult time of saying goodbye to a beloved pet. From the initial phone call with Don who showed compassion and understanding to the visit from Dr. Nicole who explained each step of the process and provided such care and gentleness with our dog Kobe, they helped us to get through the final goodbye. I’m glad Kobe got to be at home for his final moments.

Chino Hills, CA

It was time to put my 17 year old German Shepard down. Getting him into the car would of stressed me out as he was around 100 lbs. Im so grateful for Dr. Nicole to come out and assist. I couldn’t of asked for a better out come. Thank you so much in making this the best experience in such a difficult time.

Lake Arrowhead, CA

Don and Dr. Nicole helped our family make a compassionate choice for our 14 year old puppy. When I first spoke with Don in February 2022, he guided me through assessing Snuggles’ quality of life. He also shared what to expect from Dr. Nicole’s house call and how to talk with my teenagers about it. Six months later it was clearly time to say goodbye. I knew who to call and how to prepare. Having experienced the loss of another senior dog to a sudden death after months of pain, please take it from me it is worth it to invest the modest fee to have Dr. Nicole attend to your pet in the home. Make the decision to give your family and your pet an intentional and serene passage. You will be grateful you did.

Riverside, CA

I can not say enough wonderful things about everyone at Serene Passages. I’ll name a few though. Compassionate, knowledgeable, explains every step, answers all your questions and then some. I will trust any future fur-babies to Serene Passages and Dr. Nicole. Thank you to everyone at Serene Passages.

Crestline, CA

Don and Dr. Nicole made the hardest day of my life just a little bit easier. They both answered every single question I had, Don even went out of his way to get into contact with the crematorium for me (multiple times).And Dr. Nicole. She was gentle and kind and explained what was going on every step of the way. And my Zero really seemed to enjoy her company before he was laid to rest.They also come in a discreet vehicle so as not to bring attention from nosey neighbors!Thank you Serene Passages for giving my baby the goodnight he deserved. Because goodbye means it’s the end. Chelsea xo

Calimesa, CA

I can’t give enough thanks and praise to Don and his team of professionals at Serene Passages. When I realized it was time to put Queen, our 18-year-old cat down, I reached out to Don for help. While speaking with him I couldn’t hold back my emotions and burst into a full cry. Don was very comforting and understanding during that difficult time.

Also, our attending Veterinarian Dr. Nicole was extremely professional, comforting, and caring.

Having been through this painful ordeal 5 previous times in my life, I must say Serene Passages was the absolute best at handling everything. Also, their choice to use West Coast Pet Memorial for your pets’ final journey was second to none. No other pet crematorium has ever done such a beautiful job.

Thank you Serene Passages.

Darryl and Denise

Desert Hot Springs, CA

As a pet parent, one of the hardest things to encounter is making end of life decisions. Even saying the words or thinking about it can be so heartbreaking. Fortunately, we found Serene Passages and I am so thankful we did. From my first initial phone call, Don, was so understanding and compassionate. I could feel his passion to help pet owners like me, and I couldn’t be more thankful. He was there for me and patient while I struggled to ask the questions because my heart broke to think about end of life care for my Desoto. When the day came, Dr Nicole was such a godsend because she was so compassionate. She talked thru every step, let me know what to expect and answered all my questions. We have a young daughter who was present and Dr Nicole was so graceful with answering her questions too. Dr Nicole has such grace and such a calm about her that it really made me feel like Desoto was in the best hands. Dr Nicole let us surround Desoto with love and hugs thru the entire process ,which I am forever thankful for. I really thank Don and Dr Nicole for helping my family thru such a difficult time. ♥️🌈


First and foremost to Roxie, we miss you so much. You will always be in our hearts and minds.Now where to begin? This was one of the hardest moments our family has ever endured. It is no different than losing a sibling or child. We knew there was no way we were going to put our loved one through the traumatizing trip to the vet. So there was no other choice than in home care. It started with calling the local vet. They gave us the number for Serene Passages (God Bless Them). So we made that call and things changed a little bit. The call was answered by Don, a warm soft spoken man that understood just what we were going through. He helped us navigate the process of making an appointment and choosing after care.He stayed in touch as the time approached for Dr. Nicole to come to the house. She was everything Don said she would be. She allows you all the time you need to say goodbye and makes it as easy as humanly possible. It truly takes a special person to provide such a service. The level of care and compassion shown by Dr Nicole and Don is more akin to a close family member. And let us not forget the after care. Don has emailed and called us several times since just to see if we needed anything or just to talk. We absolutely recommend Serene Passages when it comes time for your loved one to pass over the Rainbow Bridge. It is the greatest gift you could ever give them.

Yucaipa, CA

The day came when I realized that my senior cat, Sam, was failing. I searched the web and came across Serene Passages. Lots of excellent and helpful information, including stories from pet people. The young man who answered my phone call was understanding and well-informed. When Dr. Nicole arrived, she was patient, explained everything, but more importantly she treated Sam as if it was her own pet. The sense of caring made my loss more bearable. And I thank everyone.

Inland Empire, CA

Where do I begin? We had to make the difficult decision to say goodbye to our boy of 17 years. I googled “at home euthanasia” and the first result was Serene Passages- immediately I sent an inquiry wanting to get information and hear about the process. Don called me within 30 minutes and answered all of my questions. He was very compassionate while letting me know that when I am ready to make that decision they would do their best to fit me into the schedule. The following day I called around 1:30 letting Don know it was time, he couldn’t promise me anything since Dr. Nicole had appointments that day but said he would call me back. Within an hour Don called to let me know Dr. Nicole would come to the house later that day. When Dr. Nicole arrived I was filled with emotions but her calm, compassionate and kind demeanor put me at ease. She explained everything, answered all of our questions and even though she just met my Maverick it was as though she was also losing a beloved pet. Having to say goodbye to my boy was heartbreaking but I am so grateful for Dr. Nicole and her team. They truly care about animals and understand the special bond and love we have for them. I am so grateful for them and recommend them to anyone going through a difficult time like this.

Highland, CA

Don was wonderful – he was so comforting and calm when I called and could barely get the words out to request Serene Passages help with my failing dog Bandit. And Dr. Nicole…you are such an amazing woman! You lead with kindness and take such time and care during one of the hardest emotional experiences for a pet owner! You guys are wonderful and I will always recommend your services as the best way to go through saying a final goodbye to one’s family of fur! You’ll be in my thoughts and because of this special service you give – you will be part of the final positive saying goodbye memory of my adorably sweet Bandit! XO


Running Springs, CA

Dr. Nicole & Team were absolutely fabulous. They supported us in saying goodbye to our sweet Puggle Maximilian. He remained calm & comfortable through the entire process. Excellent, thorough & kind communication from everyone on the team. I would recommend Serene Passages to anyone hoping to honor their pet by saying goodbye at home.


Rancho Mirage, CA

As difficult of a thing this was, Dr. Nicole Stanclift took the time to get to know about our sweet pup and even had him licking her. It was the saddest moment, but we can honestly say our dog left us in full dignity, and us with true heartfelt compassion.
Val W.

Temecula, CA

As so many others have written, Dr. Nicole had/has an angelic presence. She made us, and most of all our boy Lucca feel loved…she genuinely cared for us and the decision we were faced with. From our first interaction with Serene Passages, Care Team Member, Don, was also a blessing, and assured us that we would be taken care of. We even received follow up care texts and calls several days after we said goodbye. Completely unexpected, but reassuring that we made the right decision to lay Lucca to rest, moreover that we found Serene Passages…Dr. Nicole. Thank you so much for taking the time to care as much as you did for our situation. For giving us peace, for allowing Lucca to cross the Rainbow Bridge in comfort and with dignity. We are grateful. ❤️

Palm Springs, CA