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Service Area and Fees

Please read below to learn about our pricing and what areas we cover.

Cost of Services

In-Home Euthanasia

Starting at $390
Fee range is dependent upon travel time and distance.

This includes the veterinarian traveling to your home to perform the euthanasia. An initial comfort injection will be given to your pet to allow them to relax peacefully. Then a final injection will be administered, which will allow your pet to then gently pass away. These appointments generally take an hour to complete from the time the veterinarian arrives.

Aftercare Fees

Private Cremation

Your pet will be cared for the entire journey and will be individually cremated at a local, licensed pet crematorium. This service includes a clay paw print, fur clipping, engraved nameplate, and a memorial urn that will contain your loved one’s ashes.

Pets up to 49 lbs  – $325
Pets 50 lb to 99 lbs  – $355
Pets 100 lb to 149 lbs   – $405
Pets 150 lbs to 179 lbs   – $425
Pets 180 lbs and over   – $475

Delivery of the memorial items is included. You may also pick up your memorial items in person at the cremation facility if you prefer.

Communal Cremation

Your pet will be cared for the entire journey and will be cremated communally at a licensed pet crematorium. The ashes will be spread at sea off of the coast of San Diego.

Pets up to 49 lbs – $195
Pets 50 lbs to 99 lbs – $225
Pets 100 lbs to 149 lbs – $275
Pets 150 lbs to 179 lbs – $295
Pets 180 lbs and over – $345

Additional Memorial Items

Engraved Clay Paw Print – $70
Ink Nose or Paw Print  – $60
Engraving directly onto Wood Urns (4 lines of 30 characters) – $25
Speciality Urns and Other Additional Memorial Items Can Be Found Here
– Pricing Varies by Product

Check to see if you’re located in our service area and if there is a travel fee.